Fillers – Restylane & Radiesse



Restylane is a transparent FDA-approved hyaluronic acid gel filler that is biodegradable and fully compatible with human hyaluronic acid. Unlike other hyaluronic acid based products, Restylane is non-animal based. This quality limits any risk of animal based disease transmission or allergic reaction.

Restylane is used to fill wrinkles, accentuate eyebrows, smooth under-eye hollows, enhance lips, add volume to the upper cheek and nasolabial region (the area between the nose and mouth where laugh lines can develop), and define or accentuate contours of the cheek, chin and jaw line. It’s also used to fill acne scars, camouflage early jowls, and provide contouring and softening to other areas including a bulbous tip or a ‘ski jump’ depression on the nose.

The type of treatment you are interested in will determine the depth at which the Restylane gel is injected.

It depends in part on how much is injected and where (the closer to the bone, the longer it lasts). A typical lip treatment using Restylane may last up to 6 months whereas laugh line corrections could last up to 9 months. Treatment on the cheeks would last.

Results will vary by patient.

Radiesse® is a sterile-free, latex-free, semi-solid injectable implant is primarily composed of synthetic calcium-hydroxylapatite which is a naturally occurring compound found in bones and teeth.

Radiesse® is best used on the nasolabial fold, cheeks, jaw line, and chin. The density of the compound adds volume to the face and reduces wrinkles. Treatment with Radiesse® can also simulate cheek, chin, or small nasal implants.

Radiesse® is injected deep into the dermis. Results from treatment are instantaneous.

Effects from Radiesse® will last up from 12-18 months. The treatment can last up to two years if repeatinjections are administered every 3 or so months. The layering effect is what gives the filler its extra staying power.

Results will vary by patient.

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