Anti-Aging to Age Rewind

Dr. Kenneth Sanders

Botox injections have been the answer for men and women who wish to obtain a more youthful appearance. It’s a purified derivative of botulinum protein, and is completely safe for cosmetic use. Over the past 20 years of its use, there have been no long-term side effects reported. If that is great news to you, here is something that will really get you excited.

New research suggests that Botox treatments may also aid your skin in its ability to stretch and recoil. Botox promotes the production of elastin and collagen – those two beautiful little proteins that keep the skin tight, firm and flexible. It is believed that the cells that produce elastin and collagen may contain a receptor that somehow responds to Botox.

Some plastic surgeons believe that Botox might have an antioxidant effect on skin tissue. The muscles of the face produce waste products as they move, and these toxins damage the skin’s elastin and collagen. By paralyzing the facial muscles with Botox, the skin has a chance to heal itself from this damage or to simply settle back into position.

Extended use of Botox can also have long-term benefits for the face. Studies have shown that frequent Botox injections will result in lower doses over time with a longer period between injections.

Botox treatments are relatively painless. Some patients might experience a slight pinching sensation. I use a topical numbing cream that helps with any discomfort.

And as for Botox making you look frozen or expressionless, not so when injected by the hands of a skilled practitioner. Botox only relaxes muscles at the point of injection, which means that it cannot completely inhibit facial expressions. Botox provides temporary results, which is one of the reasons why it’s so safe for men and women alike. However, keeping a regular schedule of Botox injections gives you better results.

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